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Avoid losing at all costs in a fantasy league where every week’s lineup matters all season long.

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Knockout was designed because we all needed something new. This season-long league combines weekly fantasy mechanics with survivor pool strategy.



Set rosters weekly or in advance. But remember, each player can only be started in your lineup once per season.



Live and die by your strategy. Start off strong out of the gate. Or, save your top assets for when it really matters. 



Survival is simple — avoid the lowest score. Weekly eliminations will be tiered based on the bottom performing lineups.



The one fantasy manager left standing after the final week is crowned the champion.

Not your

Elimination Formula
Drop the hammer. It may sound cut throat, but the best way to keep the league competitive all season is to threaten elimination every week. The winning strategy is to avoid losing at all costs. Build your roster weekly. Survive all season. 
Expiring Contracts
While you’re not officially signing anyone, it’s critical to remember that each player can only be rostered once per season. Bye weeks, injuries, and matchups all still play a major role, and planning ahead in this league pays off.
Multiple Lineup Mode
Some lobbies allow each manager more than one lineup during the season — consider it like additional entries that can be played simultaneously each week. If only one lineup is eliminated, you’re not fully knocked out yet! 
Choose your tiebreaker 
Knockout is an elimination league by design, so a tie won’t fly here. Set a tiebreaker score for your lineup. It’s your last line of defense and could decide the difference between playing next week and getting knocked out.
In cash leagues only, if managers forget to set a lineup, a roster is automatically assembled utilizing the best player at every position based on performance year-to-date. Meaning their top players are immediately eliminated moving forward.
Commissioner Tools
Custom lobbies can be organized to play privately between friends and organizations. A comprehensive commissioner panel gives your league leader the tools they need to effectively run the operations. 

Play Your Way

Paid Leagues

For the Money

Put bragging rights on the back burner. In Knockout cash games, users from eligible states* can pay to play against other users for prizes. Currently available in 20 states and D.C., with more on the way.

User Leagues

For the Glory

Create your own league and invite up to 100 total players to play! No geographical restrictions! Use our statistical feed and unique game play to run your own league. User games are for entertainment only.

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